A business card with a QR code that redirects to your own virtual business card.

You can change the QR code URL anytime.

It is the size of a credit card.


Please note the price scopes:

  • up to 30pcs (this option) - expensive but have on mind that your 3D business card has a QR code so you do not need to give it to your customer every time. Sometimes it is enough to scan it.
  • 30 to 60pcs - for small businesses, still quite expensive but makes a great difference
  • 60 to 100pcs - the most popular one
  • more than 100pcs - great value for money


3D business card (3DVcard) is unique product that allows you to catch the attention of your potential customers by simply just showing your business card.

This model is a more classic one, but still very unusual and very attractive. 


3D Classic business card up to 30pcs

  • All 3D business cards are 3D printed from a biodegradable nonpetroleum PLA. This material is made mostly of corn or similar sustainable raw materials. It is also very durable.